It's the weekend, and midterms are upon us. FlyBy thinks it's time for another round of Around the Ivies.

Two Dartmouth seniors dressed in suits have celebrated the inauguration of the Ivy League's first Asian-American president with a gangster rap video. For approximately 95 percent of the video, you get to watch Tommy Shanahan and Matt Applegate grin at how attractive they think they are. From the lyrics: "We're dealing with something unheard of in this Ivy elitist institution. No I'm just fooling; he left Harvard behind, so what your rhyme, there is no crying, this is Hanover's time." At the end, the video says in green letters, "Congratulations, President Kim. Welcome home."

Students at Princeton are lobbying for the administration to open a chastity center. The president of Princeton's abstinence society says it's necessary to help rectify "the current double standard by which the University implicitly gives its seal of approval to a more libertarian view of sexuality.” With Princeton's endowment down 23 percent and University President Shirley Tilghman telling the Princetonian she does not think there is ample reason for a chastity center to be established, FlyBy thinks the whole enterprise seems a tad unlikely.

The Ricci case starts over again in New Haven (Yale), with a black firefighter suing with the claim that New Haven's 2003 promotional exam unjustly prevented him from being promoted to lieutenant status.

More Ivy League news after the jump.Some Yale professors were apparently under the outlandish impression that they were required to teach at least one undergraduate course offering at some point, but the Yale Daily News unearths the shocking discovery that no such rule exists, especially when it comes to the sciences. As at Harvard, ladder faculty are simply required to teach, but not to teach undergraduates.

UChicago protesters managed to drown out former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's speech, which was supposed to last 20 minutes but ended up taking an hour and a half.

A man in his late 20s or early 3os looked into a girl's shower at Stanford, and in a separate incident another man has been peeping into the first-floor dorm rooms of a dorm called Narnia.

And...Catholic masses at UPenn and around Pennsylvania have implemented new rules to try to prevent the spread of swine flu.