According to an e-mail sent over the Adams Schmooze earlier today, various History Department faculty members will be visiting the Houses for meals over the next two weeks. Go eat with them! Learn and such. Unless, of course, you get blocked by interhouse restrictions.

The list of Faculty members, meals, and houses after the jump.

Adams House

Prof. Ann Blair, Tuesday, October 27, 6:00pm, Adams House Conservatory

Cabot House

Prof. Emma Dench, Friday, November 6, 12:30pm

Currier House

Prof. Laurel Urich, Tuesday, November 3, 12:30pm

Dunster House

Prof. Erez Manela, Tuesday, November 3, 12:30pm

Eliot House

Prof. Rachel St. John, Wednesday, Oct. 28, 1:00-2:00pm

Kirkland House

Prof. James Kloppenberg, Thursday, November 5, 1:15pm

Leverett House