The prefrosh are finally here! And with a reportedly record turnout and the normally schizophrenic April weather at near-Stanford levels of balmy (compared to Yale's rainy weekend), the Admissions Office must be expecting a boost in yield. Unless their admits value a place to sleep.

Yes, just a day before the prefrosh were slated to arrive, undergrads were bombarded by emails yesterday begging them to help host the overwhelming number of prefrosh visiting campus. With pleading subjects such as "Please Help! We Need More Prefrosh Hosts!" and the rather more concise "SOS," admissions officers and proctors implored students to open their rooms to rising freshmen.

More begging, after the jump.

"The Admissions Office is in dire need for more hosts," one email said. Another urged girls in particular to help out, as apparently there is a shortage of female hosts. Yet another, which stated that the Visiting Program had its largest attendance ever this year at 1,100 prefrosh, asked students already signed up to host if they would take in more students. What better way to get a taste of Harvard's trademark overcrowding? If FlyBy had n+1 (and an unreasonable amount of time to waste), we'd totally volunteer to host!

The emails, which were sent as late as 10:47 p.m. last night, caused confusion among several undergrads who said they had signed up to host prefrosh, but hadn't been assigned any.

Prefrosh could already be seen roaming the campus today, their painfully identifiable red folders in hand. Whether they'll all have a bed this weekend, or even a futon, remains unclear. The Admissions Office did not return request for comment this afternoon.

Photo by Anita B. Hofschneider/The Crimson