Have you always had a penchant for journalism? What about photography or web design? Want to help run a million-dollar business?

Flyby takes great pleasure in kicking off the fall 2009 comp for The Harvard Crimson.

Join the ranks of FDR, JFK, numerous Pulitzer prize winners, (and about 10 percent of the student body), and come to one of The Crimson’s open houses this week at 14 Plympton St.

Stop by at 7pm tonight, Wednesday or Thursday for a tour of the building where the magic happens and to hear a bit about each of The Crimson’s nine boards.

Check out the comp web site for more info and to sign up online to start receiving emails about the process.

And because we can’t resist a bit of self-promotion, comping The Crimson is the best (read: only) way to write for the best campus blog.