The newest installment of On Harvard Time highlights the humorous and memorable incidents of the fall semester so far. This edition tackles Peretz, Parents Weekend, and the new “anti-final-club club.”

During a segment on the Marty Peretz scandal and the subsequent social studies walkout, the OHT hosts humorously excused Peretz’s remarks, blaming them on the professor’s “Peretz Syndrome.”

The hosts followed the segment with some “Peretz Syndrome” outbursts of their own.

The funniest clips of the show come when one OHT correspondent interviews some clueless freshmen parents—visiting for Parents Weekend. While many of them attended their children’s lectures, they were unable to speak intelligibly about what they learned.

Parents remarked on how the combination of texting, skyping, phone-calling, and e-mailing kept them in almost constant contact with their offspring. However, one parent voiced concern about her son joining “one of those ‘special places.’” We know she meant a final club, but her naivety was far too precious.

With surprise Swedish Fish appearances popping-in throughout the episode, OHT wraps this show up by showcasing poking fun at the campus’ new anti-final club organization.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out the new episode of On Harvard Time.