Would you be more willing to trek across the river to see a sporting event if we told you that you could win an iPod nano and Beats headphones? You can this Friday at the Harvard-Princeton hockey game, as the Student Rewards Program is giving away this season's grand prize. The game, which starts at 7:00 p.m. at the Bright Hockey Center, will give away the prizes to one of three finalists who will be chosen for the raffle for the two items. Two of them will be picked from those who have accumulated a significant amount of Crimson Cash from attending multiple Student Reward games, and the third will be a wild card, chosen at random from the undergraduates who will attend Friday's game.

The giveaway comes from the Student Relations Committee of the UC, who were dismayed at the lack of attendance at sporting events, according to Daniel P. Bicknell '13, the chair of the committee.

"By going to a sporting event which might be an hour or two long, there's that opportunity cost of, well, maybe I should take a nap or go out to dinner, or just rest," Bicknell said. Harvard students are economical with their time, and the numbers just don't add up.

That is, until UC reps and Harvard Athletics instituted the Student Rewards Program at the beginning of this year to incentivize students to attend the events. Now if a student presents his or her Harvard ID to the ticket vendors at any Harvard sporting event, one dollar will be magically added to their Crimson Cash account. That is a quarter short of a laundry load, a soda at the vending machine, or one-third of a trip to Berryline.

The Men's hockey game against Princeton marks the end of the fall Student Rewards Program. But don't get discouraged; you too can have a chance at winning next season’s grand prize. The schedule for next season's rewards can be found on the Athletic Department website.