With Election Day drawing nearer and registration and absentee ballot deadlines mostly passed, now is the time to pledge to vote.

Students hailing from states with deadlines that have not yet passed can use TurboVote to register or request an absentee ballot. (If you're from Alabama, California, Connecticut, Iowa, Nebraska, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Vermont, or Wyoming it's not too late!)

H-VOTE also sponsors a House Cup competition in which the Houses that have the largest percentage of eligible students who pledge to vote in November can receive prize money for their House Committee.

This year, H-VOTE has used new outreach strategies such as tabling at study card day and brain breaks and hosting panels in different Houses to increase excitement around the election and help students to register and pledge to vote.

Need inspiration to pledge or get out to the polls? Here's a by the numbers breakdown of registrations, ballot requests, and voting pledges so far, on campus and off.

1,387: Number of new voter registrations by Harvard affiliates on campus this year.

1,438: Number of absentee ballot requests by Harvard affiliates this year.

1,833: Number of voting pledges by all Harvard affiliates.

1,439: Number of voting pledges by Harvard undergraduate students.

22%: Percent of Harvard undergraduates that have pledged to vote this election.

71%: Percent of U.S. citizens registered to vote in the 2008 presidential election, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

65.1%: Percent of U.S. citizens registered to vote in the 2010 congressional elections, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

3%: Percent by which Winthrop house is currently winning the House Competition.

$500: First place reward to the House Committee of the House that has largest percentage of voting pledges.

Help your house win: pledge to vote today!