Breaking news: Yalies can get jobs. Surprising as it may be, Yale alumni are the second most employable group of college graduates, according to a New York Times survey.

While Harvard topped the charts (and we'll get to that later), let's first look at other top schools and where they stand in the rankings.

Coming in at number three is Harvard's mother school, the University of Cambridge.

The home of the Rhodes Scholarship is fourth in the survey. Oxford, the filming location of the Harry Potter movies, unfortunately couldn't wizard its way into the top three.

Fifth is Silicon Valley's technical school, Stanford. Apparently the Cardinals can out-program number six: MIT. You may know MIT as that school two stops down the Red Line.

The Ivy League makes its next appearance in the rankings as Columbia earns number seven. With the highest tuition in the Ivy League, Columbia can promise its grads a somewhat employable future.

According to their number eight slot, after Princeton students are through with bickering about eating clubs, they're landing the jobs schools one through seven didn't want.

Brown University comes in at number 22 and University of Pennsylvania, the school known for its pre-professional curriculum, secured number 39. Even Wharton couldn't make up for the rest of Penn's employability factors.

And our two remaining Ivy League friends are over in the middle of nowhere. Darthmouth and Cornell received numbers 41 and 87, respectively.

In the end, Harvard tops the list. To those freshmen already frequenting Goldman information sessions, you can rest assured that your future career is safe. You, yes, you are desirable.

CORRECTION: Nov. 1, 2012

We did not list Brown University in the first version of this post. Brown University was ranked number 22.