Have you ever wanted to get some Jeremy Lin '10 apparel at the COOP? Bloomberg News suggests that your dream might soon become a reality. A recent article reported that Houston Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin may be talking with Nike and Harvard about a co-licensed merchandise deal.

According to Paul Swangard, managing director of the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center, this deal could potentially improve Harvard's brand image in China. "To millions of Chinese children, the NBA and Harvard are separately 'aspirational brands' and Lin is uniquely positioned to align their messages," Swangard was quoted as saying.

The contracts haven't been signed yet, but here's to hoping this leads to a clothing line as popular as CS50 apparel.

Here are a few items we'd most like to see:

Sweatpants – How else will you show your J-Lin support during reading period?

Socks – Because the inside of your feet should know which Houston Rockets player you support.

Leverett Housing Day shirts – Lin, who lived in Leverett as an undergraduate, is now one of the House's most famous alum. Newly dubbed Leverites couldn't have a better role model.

Cleats – So what if Lin plays basketball? It's much more important that you don't let a soccer game get in the way of your Lin fandom.