As Harvard undergraduates exited the polls today, there was one resounding consensus: Elizabeth Warren would make a better PAF than Scott Brown. Ninety percent of student voters who spoke with Flyby after casting their ballots today said they would trust Warren over Brown to show them the ropes of freshman life. Here are a few other things we learned from Flyby's exit polls.

Which political party would throw a better election bash?

Regardless of how they voted, Harvard students agreed that Democrats would throw a better election party than Republicans. Of the voters who emerged from the curtained booths, none decided that a conservative celebration would be wilder than a liberal rager.

If you could assign a spirit animal to represent an independent party, what animal would you choose?

Results included: panda, white elephant, possum, baboon, giraffe, otter, and some kind of small forest animal.

Jill Stein's Green Party, in particular, received responses like an ocelot or a banana slug. Two students decided that a leprechaun would be the best spirit "animal."

Which vice presidential candidate would make a better Adams House mascot?

Paul Ryan: 53%

Joe Biden: 47%

Those who voted for Ryan listed his fit body as a prominent reason for their decision. Biden advocates listed his giggle, winning smile, and subtle pretension as reasons to replace the acorn with a vice presidential candidate.

Would you rather be in a study group with the Romney boys or the Obama girls?

Obama sisters: 53%

Romney brothers: 47%

One word to describe the feeling of losing your election virginity?

Answers included the following: exhilarating, empowering, nerve-wracking, scary, anti-climactic, stimulating, jubilant, monumental, Obasmic, satisfying, easy.