The comments section beneath any YouTube video is a magical place where grammar, coherence, and basic human decency go to die. Needless to say, the results are often hilarious. Here are some comments from Harvard-related videos that will make you laugh, cry (in a good way), and question the future of this great country.

"Harvard Baseball 2012 Call Me Maybe Cover"

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Sure, this video went viral, but who would have thought celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Bill Gates would give their two cents? "J Lo" points out the obvious by writing, "That guy in the corner [who The Crimson identified as Jack Colton] is passed out!" While "Bill Gates" makes the scathing remark, "I'm so glad I left Harvard already." But the best comment of all comes from a YouTube user whose account name is somewhat more original. "xtenebrific" comments,  "Not only are they in Harvard... They can play baseball... Are attractive and in shape... and will most likely have excellent futures, and tons of money... FU GENETICS! (╯°□°)╯ ┻━┻"

"Operation Skyfall: First Hamburger In Space"

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In the tradition of "xtenebrific," commenter "ReallyBoringStuff123" took this opportunity to opine on the attractiveness of Harvard men, writing, "If that's what Harvard boys look like, I now have a much greater desire to get into that particular Ivy! Loving the blond afro ;) [referring to junior Matt Moellman's impressive 'do]." Two socially conscious commenters worried about the space burger's effect on others. "XMcMuffinX" took the time to voice concern for our extraterrestrial friends—"So America wasn't enough, now you wanna make the aliens fat too?!?" While "b9y" wrote, "So they're from Harvard, yet they didn't figure out that the falling device could kill someone had it landed in a neighbourhood?" Finally, "ghammatx"'s simple observation: "Imagine, you're hungry and you see a hamburger falling from the sky with a parachute!" made us aware of the fact that we've never wanted something to happen more.

"Call Me Maybe - Harvard Economics Department"

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This video is summed up perfectly by "knighthammer7564," who writes, "Terrible lip-synching, terribly cute video." Other comment gems include "Rodrigo Moreira de Souza"'s "Mankiw got swag" and "Collin Murray"'s "When are you guys going on tour?" We'd like to know too.

"Why Did I Choose Yale?"

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On Harvard Time's parody of Yale's admission video "Why I Chose Yale" is apparently pretty accurate, for as "darkfire532" wrote, "I'm not gonna lie, at first I thought the original Yale admission video was the parody." "anexpatkid" confirms this by writing, "the info session at Yale was so jank." "antelope426" gets to the heart of the matter by rightfully stating, "This video makes a compelling point: Yale is a horrible school."