So you haven't done the readings, and you've been too busy constantly refreshing your Gmail in lecture to even know if your professor is a male, female, or just a potted plant. But you don't want your section TF to know this— that would kill your participation grade! So here are a few tips critical to surviving section.

1. Look Prepared

Camp out in the classroom early so that you can be there right when class starts. Stay there overnight if you have to. You may look over-eager—but that's what you are going for. If you get bored waiting you can take a nap in the tent you brought, or make s'mores!

2. Bring Your Readings

Pull out all your books, not just for one section, but also for all of your classes; it will look like you've been doing outside research or at the very least did your readings. If your readings are all online, bring your favorite fiction book or dirty magazine. If you get enough books your can build a barrier between you and your TF to hide behind when he asks a hard question.

3. Be Expressive

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a facial expression is worth at least five comments in section and half a response paper. Given that, you should always react to what your TF says. If she asks if you have done the reading, nod enthusiastically. If she summarizes a point, nod enthusiastically. When she asks a challenging question about the chemical bonds of methane, nod enthusiastically.

4. Pronounce things

If any of your authors have French-sounding names, or your reading references a Latin phrase, memorize it and pull it out during section. You will look well-read and cultured when you drop Foucault's name or the term a priori during your Government or Chem 40 section.

5. Office Hours

Go. Especially if your TF is hot. If he or she isn't particularly good looking—hey, the odds are even more in your favor.