Break is only three days longer. If you haven’t figured out how to eat without the luxury of walking downstairs yet, we’re here to help.

If you’re at home:
1. Take advantage of your parents
Especially if your parents are good cooks and you miss home-cooked meals! Plead to the ‘rents and tell them that you’ve been sick of HUDS since the first week of school.

2. Fast food all the way
If your parents aren’t the best chefs, or if you’ve given up on begging, there’s always fast food. McDonald’s for days

3. Delivery
Maybe you don’t have a car or access to a nearby fast-food joint. Have no fear: there’s always delivery. Order in, watch a movie, and eat away.

4. The last resort
If all else fails: your parents have given up on you, you’ve had too much McDonald’s, or the pizza delivery boy is questioning your sanity—you might have to cook for yourself…

As bad as it may seem—getting off your couch and missing a few minutes of the next Netflix episode—we have a few suggestions for quick last resort meals to make.

Grilled Cheese: Basically a delicacy. But at the same time, it’s an easy delicacy. Just butter up some bread, toss a little cheese in between, and you’re the next Martha Stewart without the jail time.

PB&J: It seems premature, but what’s tastier than a walk down memory lane? Pro tip: Cut triangles, not squares – tastes so much better.

Ramen: So easy a Yalie could do it. Just boil some water and you have yourself some of the best ramen noodles a Harvard student could ask for.

Easy Mac: Hopefully you’ve already stacked up on enough Easy Macs from the vending machine that you remembered to take some home.

Spaghetti: If you’re feeling really ambitious. Just remember to add water.

If you’re on vacation:

Room service: Always the way to go. It’s just like having a dining hall next door, but you don’t have to move an inch.

But if your parents have found out how much room service you’ve been ordering from the hotel, or if you’ve spent all of your money on booze (we’re hoping the latter is your issue), see #4. Hopefully your hotel has a microwave and some bread.