Listen up, pre-frosh: although you might have your Visitas schedules tightly packed with events tricking you into thinking our college has a social scene, they might not always reflect your future experience here. Seriously, if you think that college is all about ice-cream socials, decorating cupcakes, and welcoming social spaces, maybe you should choose the arts and crafts school of New Haven (not really tho). To help you make the most of admitted students’ weekend, we've compiled a list of things you just have to do to get an ~authentic~ Harvard experience (sans the all-nighter induced tears and feelings of inadequacy).

Prefrosh Bags at Visitas
Work those backpacks.

Sit around the Yard

Gather your Visitas besties and soak up the spring sunshine on the Yard’s famed lawn. Wrestle a lawn chair or two from some tourists or catch Dean Dingman pensively smiling at your wholesome naïveté while real Harvard students are barricaded in Lamont.

Go on a (dry) River Run

Tour the upperclassmen houses but instead of the Rubinoff your host handed you with a wink, drink plenty of water. Don’t get too cocky—you’re not a student here and the amnesty policy, while a good reason to pick Harvard, doesn’t apply to you. Don’t get too lit if you want to bring brochures and free t-shirts home instead of a rescinded letter of admission.

Eat at 3 a.m.

While your helicopter parents might be horrified at the thought of you chowing down greasy Harvard Square food long past your bedtime, your college career will be full of wee-hour binges. Start training for future grease-marathons and check out our top late night picks: El Jefes (hearty Mexican food), Tasty Burger (semi-tasty burgers), Insomnia (the best damn cookies of your life), Kong (greasy Chinese food), and a 24-hour CVS (for those who stay up really late). After all, the novelty of Annenberg will wear off quicker than you think.

Watch the sunrise from the Charles River

Enjoy the river view of our beautiful campus that actually looks like the brochures. The collegiate look of the sunlit brick buildings will make you want to see this beauty on the regular.

Pee on the Statue

While the other two Harvard traditions might be hard to execute in your position (do pre-frosh even have Widener swipe access?), jumpstart your bucket list and give John H the good ol’ golden shower. The story of how you marked the statue will forever distinguish you from the foot-touching tourists and give you major props back in high school.

Check out Eleganza

April 22 marks Harvard’s biggest fashion and dance show that will certainly make a lasting impression with its electrifying performances. Although the breathtaking Eleganza models are not exactly representative of the sweatpants-clad student body, this display of human magnificence will prove that we’ve got the moves and that we’re the hottest Ivy #watchoutBrown.

At the end of the day, Visitas is all about having fun, soaking up the welcoming atmosphere, and not choosing the New Haven community college. So immerse yourself in Harvard’s unique culture and come show off your class t-shirts this fall as freshmen. We promise—you’ll love it here.