Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope "Watch Me"

‘Scandal’: For a Political Drama, 'Watch Me' Remains Suspiciously Stagnant

The biggest challenge “Scandal” writers have this season is figuring out how to introduce complexity and struggle to characters who have already reached their peaks.


Crossing Boundaries, Tackling Borders, and Challenging the Past: Season Four of ‘Transparent’ Does It All

Season Four brilliantly builds off of the ideas of identity and inherited trauma that drove the show’s previous seasons, while ...

One Tree Hill

Unpopular Opinion: ‘One Tree Hill’

It doesn’t matter what you say about bad acting, cliché plot lines, or creating an unrealistic image of high school ...


As Seen on the Small Screen: ‘Gangs of New York’

It creates moments of intense suspense, confusing affection, and pure rage, both for the viewer and for the protagonists.

Lady Gaga in "Gaga: Five Foot Two"

Gaga Stands Tall in Documentary 'Five Foot Two'

A far cry from the mysterious, egg-palanquin enigma of the early 2010s, this unfiltered, ripped-shorts performer is nonetheless refreshing and ...

ram logo

Moral Failure and Familial Relationships in ‘Rick and Morty’

One can expect nothing from tonight's season finale, other than originality and greatness—the only thing the show continues to deliver ...

still got time

Music Video Breakdown: ‘Still Got Time’ by Zayn Malik

The next morning Malik emerges from the building out of his ridiculously pristine white curtains to observe the damage while ...

The Good Place

‘The Good Place’ Pulls a Twist, Sticks the Landing

It can be hard for a show to recover from a major twist, and it’s hard to think of a ...

The Deuce

‘The Deuce’ is the Start of Something Great

The interweaving of multiple stories creates a richer, more fantastical world than would be possible with just one storyline.

Better Things

'Better Things': "September" is Nostalgia for a Childhood Never Lived

There is a certain audacious wonder in such an honest depiction of childhood and adolescence.

The O.C.

Unpopular Opinion: “The O.C.”

If you’re looking for any depth, don’t.

The Mindy Project

'The Mindy Project': “Is That All There Is?” Promises a Fitting End to the Series

“Is That All There Is?” is kind to its characters, kind in a way that is typical of the show’s ...

Anna Laurent

Alumni Spotlight: Anna Laurent ’00

I loved the idea of looking at behaviors and morphological, physical features of organisms.

up in the air

Music Video Breakdown: ‘Up in the Air’ by Thirty Seconds to Mars

The video starts off with a seizure trigger warning for people with photosensitive epilepsy, which indicates its incredible level of ...

gossip girl

Guilty Pleasures: ‘Gossip Girl’

For those who do not know, “Gossip Girl” managed to convince thousands of teenage girls that Brooklyn is a cheap ...

Sound Editing

What is Sound Editing? Sound Mixing?

Don’t know what sound editing is? That is probably because a sound editor’s work is most noticeable is when they ...