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Arts Vanity: Undying Adulation in the Age of the Internet

The following comments, compiled from Reddit, Facebook, and the comment section of The Harvard Crimson, are all in response to my two-star review of “DAMN.”

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Arts Vanity: Horoscopes

Mercury is blocking one of Mars’s moons today, which means a turbulent day for Aries.

Aline G. Damas

Arts Vanity: The Execs as Zodiac Signs

Disclaimer: The only people who were qualified to write this did not.

Arts Vanity: Bottom Five Top Fives

Not all Top Fives deserve to be celebrated.

Grace Z. Li

Arts Vanity: Top Five Lords

As media evolves from monumental frescoes to clickbait listicles, it only felt natural to give these lords the platform they ...


On Comedy: Originality’s Trickery in Maria Bamford’s ‘Old Baby’

At least Bamford is humble enough to acknowledge how polarizing her comedy can be.


On Comedy: The Comic as a Motivational Speaker in Iliza Shlesinger’s ‘Confirmed Kills’

I do not want to reduce Shlesinger’s comedy to a series of moderately problematic asides. That would not be fair ...

A Charlie Brown Thankgiving

Top Five: Thanksgiving Movies

Grab yourself some pumpkin pie and escape to the other room, because we’ve put together a list of movies guaranteed ...

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An Artsy Alternative to Harvard-Yale

Crimson Arts has put together an artsy Saturday alternative to Harvard-Yale.


Music Video Breakdown: '…Ready For It?' by Taylor Swift

Thank God we have a feminist icon out here calling the shots!


Music Video Breakdown: ‘Rake It Up’ by Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti’s “Rake It Up”—despite seemingly being a paean to lazily refusing to pick up your money in a strip ...


On Comedy: The Dangers of Lazy Readers in Katherine Ryan’s ‘In Trouble’

The reader is not always right.


Oswalt’s ‘Annihilation’ Built on Kindness

Didactic but not quite preachy, Oswalt’s special intertwines humor and reflection in order to make sense of the unpredictable world ...


Music Video Breakdown: ‘Every Day’s The Weekend’ by Alex Lahey

The video for the album’s biggest single thus far, “Every Day’s The Weekend,” demonstrates just how original she is by ...


Stray Thoughts: The Emmys and the State of Television Today

Perhaps this should not be framed as a single-year decline in the quality of dramatic television.

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Stray Thoughts: The Sensitive Men of ‘Robin’

What is that feeling of witnessing brilliance?