Crowded Visitas

Prefrosh: Disguise Yourself During Visitas

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Visitas is a unique, once in a lifetime experience. And if you can avoid looking like a prefrosh, you’ll enjoy ...

Foreign Policy From McCain

Harvard Today: Visitas Weekend - April 25-27, 2014

Happy Friday! You’ve made it to the weekend, and as we all know, it’s not just any weekend– it’s Visitas! ...

summer playbook map

Hang Out With Your Classmates Over Summer (If You're Not Sick of Them)

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With a new project called the Summer Playbook, Luke R. Heine '17 is hoping to make it all the easier ...


Confessions of a Harvard “Beez-er”


"One of the best places to beez is the open air because the chilly windst will augment the effects of ...

#tbt: Admissions Website Vandalized During Prefrosh Weekend

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We can’t imagine the fallout was actually that huge. This was 2001, back when most Harvard-bound high schoolers only logged ...

Race and Justice in Sports

Harvard Today: April 24, 2014

It’s Thursday! In honor of Throwback Thursday, here are some songs from way back when (you know, when we thought ...

The K-Period

What Your Text Punctuation Really Means


Now, though, these prefrosh are at Harvard, and at Harvard, it's punctuation that matters. That means that these prefrosh have ...

Gus and Sietse Play Chess

A Chess Battle with Gus and Sietse


The day would live on in infamy, known forever as the Battle of the Giant Chessboard in Front of the ...

Earth Day Bonanza

Harvard Today: April 23, 2014

Happy Wednesday! To brighten your Wednesday today, here are a couple of unusual holidays that you can celebrate today:


Earth Day, Yo!

In celebration of Earth Day, here are some insane facts and phenomena that you might not have known about this ...

Freshman v Senior: The Older the Wiser?

Freshman v.s. Senior: The Older the Wiser?

We all enter Harvard Yard freshman year, wide-eyed and excited about all the possibilities in front of us. It’s not ...

Harvard Map

Learn How to Pronounce "Pfister" and More in this Harvard Pronunciation Guide


Hooked On Phonics was a long time ago for most of us, and to be honest there are a few ...

We're Back

Harvard Today: April 22, 2014

Happy Tuesday, Harvard!

The Future of HUDS: Dine with Wine

Harvard dining halls are on the verge of a revolution.*

hemenway by the fountain

Hemenway’s Short Stories: By the Fountain


As he drank water from the fountain he thought of the girl at the front desk. She was young and ...




I Am Not at a Cafe


Away in Argentina

Land of Fog

Land of Fog