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Learn How to Pronounce "Pfister" and More in this Harvard Pronunciation Guide


Hooked On Phonics was a long time ago for most of us, and to be honest there are a few ...

We're Back

Harvard Today: April 22, 2014

Happy Tuesday, Harvard!

The Future of HUDS: Dine with Wine

Harvard dining halls are on the verge of a revolution.*

hemenway by the fountain

Hemenway’s Short Stories: By the Fountain


As he drank water from the fountain he thought of the girl at the front desk. She was young and ...

Op-Ed Title

Can You Guess Which of These Crimson Op-Ed Headlines Are Real?

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Although Flyby is always extremely sensitive when choosing titles (or are we?!?), we proudly present the op-ed title guessing game. ...

Expressions: Exemption

Harvard Today: April 21, 2014

Happy Monday!

Pack it for Visitas? Or Leave It in High School?

To help prefrosh prepare for this year’s festivities, we’ve put together a list of things to put on or take ...

pfister bunny

Happy Pfister Sunday!

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As students have come to appreciate, Dean Donald H. Pfister is a unique man with his own way of doing ...

Responding to Drug Use

You Might Want To Read This Study Before 4/20

Before indulging in any sins on the most holy day of the Christian calendar, you might want to check out ...

Sorry NYTimes, But SLS 20 Is Actually Very Hard

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The New York Times uses these words and phrases to describe Harvard psychology professor Steven Pinker and the tests he ...

Lost in Lowell: A Foray into the Harvard Tunnel System

You know you want to see the tunnels...

Faust selfie

But First, Let Me Take a #SELFIE

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University President Drew G. Faust spent her Wednesday afternoon at an open forum for students, offering talking points on Harvard’s ...

How to: Make a Good Impression in Your Last Section

You need to start making a good impression, and you need to do it quickly -- before participation grades are ...

Open Meeting with Faust

Harvard Today: April 18, 2014

Happy Friday!

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#tbt: Let Them Eat Keats

In 1955, English replaced Government as the most popular concentration among Harvard College freshmen. That’s right—back in the days before ...

Dance at the fair

Survey Part I: Get To Know Harvard’s Class of 2018

Freshman Survey Cover

Class of 2018: By the Numbers


An Evil Woman

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