Glozell, Condiments, and Clothed Screaming

Found5dollar Wikimedia Commons

The quick and dirty about what's been going on around the Ancient Eight (and other schools too).

Harvard may be (partially) responsible for Facebook, but that doesn't mean that other Ivies can't make their voices heard via various social media, both on- and off-line. This week, several of our peer institutions did just that.

Harvard students were baffled this week when Instagram pictures surfaced of YouTube sensations Glozell and Jenna Marbles palling around in Harvard apparel. What? While we at Flyby aren't quite sure, it seems it had something to do with YouTube's upcoming "Rewind". We'll keep you updated as this story develops.

Meanwhile, Yale students riffed on the rapidly growing "Compliments" trend with a new Facebook page entitled "Yale Condiments." Instead of tagging students with whom to exchange kind words, the administrators of the page tag popular dining hall condiments. One post reads: "Dear Cholula Hot Sauce, I love the way you turn the heat up, your warm flavors meld so nicely onto my tongue. You know how to spice up any situation. Call me?" It seems Yale really has beat us to the punch this time.

But there are other kinds of "social." As for intimate interpersonal interaction, it seems to be getting rarer and rarer on college campuses these days. The 'Cac blog reports that Bowdoin, Connecticut College, and Tufts have all recently had Primal Scream-like events canceled. Luckily Colgate has decided to inaugruate its own Primal Scream this year, though the Facebook event description does not indicate that nudity is in the cards. What's so primal about screaming with your clothes on?

Finally, Brown's Blog Daily Herald reported that Penn alums are looking to assert their school's position as the "Social Ivy" by starting a new social organization called, well, "The Social Ivy" that will partially sponsor meals for the coolest of the cool Penn students. The website's FAQ section reads: "We want to unite the Penn community, and give friends an excuse to get together." But there's a catch! Just as in the college admissions process, you can't get in without taking a test. According to the site, "Alumni want to unite the best and only the best. The Social Ivy ensures that the students who get together to share ideas and have a good time are not only cool and interesting, but also smart and informed." We at Flyby think everyone at our school is smart and informed. It looks like the same can't be said for Penn.