New Princeton Secret Society, Frats Shut Down Faster Than Freshman Dorm Parties at Cornell

Around the Ivies
Rebecca D. Robbins

Ivy grows on Harvard's Memorial Church on a warm August day.

The quick and dirty about what's been going on around the Ancient Eight.

Now that we’re halfway through the semester, it’s time to catch up on all the gossip surrounding our fellow Ivy League brothers and sisters.

Not that this is any new gossip, but another fraternity at Cornell was suspended last week for hazing—can’t help but feel that something like this happens every semester at Cornell.  Just last spring, two fraternities were closed, and another four were sanctioned after allegations of hazing. Chi Psi, which was put on probation last May, has now been placed on “interim suspension status as a result of credible allegations of serious hazing” according to the Cornell Chronicle. We can’t imagine that Chi Psi will be coming to Cambridge any time soon.

Paying credit where credit is due, Columbia University has decided to stop offering academic credit for unpaid internships; but maybe this is more of a taking away credit where credit is due situation. The idea behind this move is that for-profit companies should be paying their interns, which is fair, but the only significance this has for Harvard students is that we’ll probably be seeing a lot more Columbia students at interviews for finance internships.

At Princeton, a new secret society has been uncovered. It’s not exactly an eating club, it’s more like a drinking club. The “21 Club” is populated by 21 juniors and 21 seniors. Its members, who are also usually members of the other eating clubs on campus, are tapped for the society based on very frequent drinking and partying on weekdays. The club gathers together annually for a timed drinking contest that typically ends with profuse vomiting. This seems like good old-fashioned fun.

In other news, Brown celebrated its 250th anniversary with some fireworks and managed to spell out “250” in the sky—although most of the people in attendance weren’t even Brown students. The celebrations will continue internationally until the commencement of the class of 2015.

There have been mixed reactions to the announcement that Bloomberg is speaking at this year’s commencement. Over at the University of Pennsylvania, John Legend will be the commencement speaker, so is Penn’s commencement actually just a concert? Here’s a deal: let’s trade Bloomberg for Legend and turn commencement into Yardfest. That too complicated? It’s okay, Janelle Monáe is also pretty fly and will rock the Yard.