Boston Celebrates 100 Years of John Cage

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John Cage and pianist David Tudor perform in 1971

Modernist composer John Cage may have passed away in 1992, but his organ composition "Organ2/ASLSP (As SLow aS Possible)" lives on: the current performance of it in Halberstadt, Germany, is slated to finish in 2640. Cage, whose other works incorporated radios, conch shells, and cactuses, enthusiastically broke down almost every existing preconception about what did and did not constitute music. In the process, he paved the way for later experimentation. In order to commemorate the centennial of Cage's birth, musical institutions around Boston are celebrating his daring work with several upcoming concerts.

New England Conservatory

In addition to hosting several concerts of Cage's work, the New England Conservatory is also holding a talk about Cage's time in Boston and Cambridge. Led by NEC piano chair Bruce Brubaker, the talk will be on October 26.

October 30: "Cheap Imitation"

November 7: Music of John Cage

December 11: "Cartridge Music"

Boston Athenaeum

As part of the Athenaeum's fall concert series, pianist Aaron Jackson honors Cage's legacy by performing selected piano works.

October 17: "In a Landscape" (1948) [FC] & "One5" (1990)

October 20: "Etudes Australes", Book I

November 17: "Etudes Australes", Book II

December 1: "Etudes Australes", Books I and II