Five Jokes from HCSUCS

Allie Stote

Singers were provided with both standing microphones and free microphones allowing for versatile performances including dance numbers and stunts.

This Halloween weekend, what dwelled in the bowels of the Science Center was not some ghoul or poltergeist but something far more fearsome: the Harvard College Stand-Up Comic Society. Here are five of the best jokes from their show.

5. I think little person's the word. I know in the past it's been midget or dwarf—I just don't want to offend anybody. You never know if there's one in the audience. Cause, you can't see them. – Sierra "Nickname TBD" Katow '16

4. I'm in the Voice Actor's Guild, and the Italian National Alliance, and now I have to tell everyone that I'm in the VAGINA. – Alex "Sconez" Iascone '16

3. I was going to make a joke about Frida Kahlo, but I thought it would be too highbrow. – "Holy" Roman "Empire" Berens '16

2. I experimented with drugs at a very early age. I was at a concert and somehow got backstage, and found the band and they were shooting up. They saw me standing there and asked if I wanted a hit, so I said yes. That's the story of how I did heroin with The Wiggles. – Aaron "Jack" Aceves '15

1. I'm very confused myself. The other day, I went to the wrong bank. I had a tough time explaining to the teller why the deposit envelope was filled with semen. – Daniel "The Marvel" Fitzpatrick '15

CORRECTION: October 28, 2012.

An earlier version of the Oct. 28 post mistated the official name of the Harvard College Stand-Up Comic Society.