Five Movies To Make You Glad You Aren't With Your Family For Thanksgiving

Barbara Carvalho

My mom's birthday party coinciding with Thanksgiving means double the dessert! We were treated to pumpkin pie, Brazilian flan, strawberry birthday cake, and a peanut butter trifle.

It may feel rather lonesome staying on campus while your roommates go home and revel in hedonistic feasting, but there's a silver lining to every isolated, stranded cloud. If you'd like to be reminded why a break from your family could be advantageous, we at Flyby think you should give these films a shot on Thursday night.

The Shining

The worst part about family trips is not the possibility that you'll all have to sleep in the same room. The worst part is that the fire-axe is within one of your kin’s reach, and that family member was alive when "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" was popular. The worst part is also that you all probably drove each other to insanity. Bet your empty dorm room feels pretty good now.

There Will Be Blood

More like There Will Be Really Disturbing Daddy Issues, am I right? Daniel Day-Lewis' very convincing performance as a self-made, money-hungry oil magnate is a reminder that you might have never been the most important thing in your parents' lives. I've abandoned my boy! I've abandoned my boy!

We Need To Talk About Kevin

It may be unlikely that you have a teenage son waiting for you at home, but if you do, do not under any circumstances hint at your deeply-rooted resentment towards him. "We Need To Talk About Kevin" suggests that doing so may help mold your spawn into a murderous (but stunningly handsome) psychopath.

American Beauty

There's nothing quite like the suburban household and all the repressed feelings that come with it, but you get to forego those dinners with plates coated in silent resentment and blame. You also don't have to worry about one of your parents being attracted to the friend you bring home.

Breaking Dawn Pt. 1

Really, this is the dysfunctional family at its most absurd and beautiful. Unless all the children in your family are adopted, your brother literally tore open his wife's uterus with his teeth, the resulting baby is destined to be with an overly muscled family friend (who made out with said baby's mother on multiple occasions!), and everyone around you keeps talking about the smell of blood, you have no right to complain about family issues. Still, it's a reminder that family get-togethers can result in blood and guts and Robert Pattinson flashing his weird nipples at you.