'Family Guy' Does Harvard, Kind Of

Courtesy of YouTube

Harvard is renowned for its illustrious professors, rich history, old campus, and, apparently, food. According to the new episode of "Family Guy" entitled "The Giggity Wife," which aired on Sunday, the oldest Ivy should really be known for having breakfast food for dinner; Peter and the crew decide to visit because "they got fancy food up at Harvard."

(Seriously, what is it with the food? Is there something the rest of the world sees that we're missing?)

Harvard doesn't feature too heavily in the episode—their visit functions only as an introduction to a "Hangover"-esque escapade through Boston. After a depiction of (a surprisingly accurate) Annenberg Hall—not a Harry Potter joke to be found—the episode dives into a series of tasteless gags involving Asian people and Helen Keller. A few infamous alumni and a Winklevoss twin later, the characters decide that "low-def" Boston is far superior to its academic cousin.

The episode may not pay much attention to us, but at least it has eternally erudite Peter Griffin claiming that he's at "Harvard, the smartest school in the country." We'll take it.