10 Tried and True Classes

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If you're still unsure about classes, take a look at some of these steadfast courses that are popular year after year. Although they may not be the easiest, without fail, these classes consistently fill up lecture halls. Of course, some of these courses are so popular that they've already been lotteried...so keep these in mind for next year as well.

1. Science of Living Systems 20: "Psychological Science"

Offered in both the fall and the spring, this course has consistently drawn masses of students each semester. After all, who doesn't want to learn the psychology of makeup?

2. Economics 1010b: "Macroeconomic Theory"

Popular among Economics concentrators, Ec 1010b usually has an enrollment of around 300 students. And with 9 a.m. lecture, that's saying something.

3. Sociology 190: "Life and Death in the US: Medicine and Disease in Social Context"

This class, taught by the popular Professor of Sociology Nicholas A. Christakis, focuses on how biological and social factors combine and impact health. According to the Q Guide last year, 93 percent of students said that they would recommend the class.

4. Chemistry 20: "Organic Chemistry"

Even though students often dread Orgo, Chem 20 proves that the pay-off is in the challenge. Professor Ryan M. Spoering has a reputation of keeping this class organized and well-run.

5. Human Evolutionary Biology 1310: "Hormones and Behavior"

Want to know how hormones drive human behavior? Consider HEB 1310. Sixty-one percent of students recommended this class "with enthusiasm" according to the Q Guide, and Professor Carole K. Hooven has received high ratings over the past years.

6. Statistics 104: "Introduction to Quantitative Methods for Economics"

With a lighter workload than other classes, and a funny, engaging lecturer, Stat 104 is popular among students. It's also a good way to knock out your Empirical & Mathematical Reasoning General Education requirement.

7. Government 1295: "Comparative Politics in Latin America"

Known for the popular fall course Government 20, Professor Steven Levitsky also teaches this spring class centered on Latin American revolutions. The course has received high Q scores for many years running.