Colton T. Gyulay ’15 and Sudheer R. Poluru ’15

Dorm Room Decor: Sudheer R. Poluru ’15 & Colton T. Gyulay ’15
Megan B. Prasad

If you think that living outside of the Yard as a freshman isn't worth the hassle, then you should take a look at the dorm room of Colton T. Gyulay '15 and Sudheer R. Poluru '15. Gyulay and Poluru's abode is a spacious Pennypacker double that includes a common room, bathroom, and bedroom which makes the walk from the Yard well worth the time.

"I would take the trade-off any day of the week. I don't mind walking an extra few minutes for this room, because at the end of the day I can just sit down in my bathtub and take a bubble bath if I so please." Poluru said.

The two have the good fortune of having a bathroom that is bigger than many people's double bedrooms, in addition to the privilege of not having to share with other residents in their hall. Previously equipped to be handicapped accessible, the bathroom is one of the highlights of the room.

In fact, the bathroom is well known throughout the dorm. "People walk through our room all the time because they hear we have a nice bathroom," Poluru said. "Multiple girls have requested to use our bathroom."

Aside from their palatial water closet, the boys have made the room reflect their personalities with small touches.

"We had a couple interior designers come through, take a look at the layout, and get a feel for the space," Gyulay said.

"Yeah—our mothers," added Poluru.

Their personalities shine through in their collection of posters, which includes an "open arms" poster to welcome people into the room, as well as an "Ocean's Thirteen" poster to remind them to "dress classy."

Other than its dimensions and features, Gyulay and Poluru's room also serves as a social center. Located on the first floor, near the entrance of Pennypacker, and directly above the WHRB headquarters, Poluru and Gyulay noted that one of the best parts about their room is that people are always stopping by.

Asked about his décor advice, Gyulay said, "I think it's nice to have a place that you can hang out that's not a desk or your bed. Like a couch or something."

"Or a bathtub," Poluru quipped.