Andres Gonzalez '15, Joey J. Kim '15, Samuel T. Kim '15, and Erik C. Schluntz '15

Dorm Room Decor
Megan B. Prasad

Location, location, location. In possibly one of the best spots on campus, the dorm room of freshmen Andres Gonzalez, Joey J. Kim, Samuel T. Kim, and Erik C. Schluntz is only a minute away from Annenberg and the Science Center. In their Holworthy suite, the four roommates have an expansive black-and-white themed common room with brick walls and two spacious double bedrooms that overlook the Science Center.

"Our tastes all complemented each other. We all agreed that a classy room would be best," Samuel Kim said.

They have tried to give the room a homey-vibe by fixing up and adding their own touches to old pieces of furniture. The four repainted an old table, which now complements their color scheme. From the glass chessboard to the collection of CS50 balls to their bamboo plant named "Tom," objects throughout the room let their personalities shine through.

The newly covered couch is also a focal point in the room, creating an environment to both study and socialize. "The white board is another factor that makes this a social study space," Samuel Kim said. Great for physics homework, the white board makes trips to Lamont unnecessary.

But the highlight of the room is the fire escape, which doubles as a private balcony. Not many freshmen can claim to have balconies, and the residents of this Holworthy suite know that theirs is a praise-worthy feature. "It is the nicest room ever," Schluntz said.

Overall, the room's size and unique factors along with the effort that the four have put into its decoration set it apart from a typical dorm. "We take a lot of pride in our room. We try to make it as nice as possible," Samuel Kim said.

With some tips from the residents, you too can turn your dorm room into the ultimate comfortable space.


1. Maximize space. "Some people comment on how we've stacked up bookshelves, which I think is pretty helpful," Samuel Kim said.

2. "Just clean. We clean once a week," Schluntz said.

3. "Keep it classy,' Samuel Kim concluded.