Ernesto X. Gaxha ’14

Ernesto X. Gaxha '14
Megan B. Prasad

Just like the paintings on his walls, the Currier dorm room of Ernesto X. Gaxha '14 is a work of art itself. Covered with masking tape designs and pieces he's created throughout the years, the room reflects Gaxha's artistic talent and creativity.

"I kind of had the feeling to make this as useful as possible and as functional as possible. I wanted it to be like a house within a room. Plus, I wanted to put up my artwork."

Gaxha further gave his own touches to the room by painting a Tron-inspired mural on the wall above his bed. "The only thing is I'm going to have to paint over it before I leave," he said with a sigh.

His paintings make his dorm differ from a typical college room. "I was actually really inspired by one of the paintings in the Sackler," Gaxha noted about his painting of the Bosphorus Strait.

There are other unique aspects to the room. His masking-tape patterns turn the space into more than just a simple rectangular room by dividing it into what he dubbed "sections".

"I wanted to do something with this big white wall, and this was a means of separating the space. It acts sort of like a quasi-paneling, if you will."

The tape divides the room into three separate sections: a sleeping area, a sitting area and a studying area. Gaxha's favorite part of the room is the sitting portion, complete with a TV, couch, and a Play Station.

Gaxha also loves his room because of the location. "I love the Quad. When you come to the Quad, you feel like you're coming home." He also noted the large size of his single.

And the finishing touch to Gaxha's room? The light. "I took a bunch of lamps because I really like lighting." The extra lamps add to the airy feel of the room and further illuminate the artwork that gives the room its personal feeling.

His tip? "You can never have enough light."