'stop blowing chunks flyby'

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There's never a dull moment reading through the Flyby Tip Box submissions. From entries that really should have remained between the curious searcher and his/her own hand (see Sept. 10) to unsolicited statements about movies and food stuffs (see Oct. 6 and Oct. 16), the mistaken searches and comments submitted through the Tip Box are always a riot to read, if not one of my finest daily pleasures. Below, a selection from September and October.

Sept. 9: "llamas"

Sept. 9: "hey crimson, keep up the good work and enjoy the sweet weather this week!" - crimed alumnus

Sept. 10: "dating site full of nerdy CS girls"

Sept. 11: "don't leave your hummus in the sun"

Sept. 13: "stop blowing chunks flyby"

Sept. 18: "Leonard Stephen Salon on JFK has a facebook page........ and we'd like to advertise with you"

Oct. 3: "flyby you are sexy"

Oct. 5: "pads"

Oct. 6: "I really really liked Pitch Perfect, minus the icky moment."

Oct. 9, 12:41 a.m.: "Hupd"

Oct. 9, 12:41 a.m.: "dont put your tip box right beneath your search box"

Oct. 10, 8:09 p.m.: "midterms"

Oct. 10, 8:09 p.m.: "procrastination"

Oct. 15: "oh ok i see how this could look like a search box..."

Oct. 16: "green peeps. enough said."

Oct. 19: "I heard that the Crimson tried to break into a student's house this week! Is this true?"

Oct. 23: "sexy"