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More than a month since the last "From the Tip Box" article, a great deal has happened in the world of Flyby's email account. This past month saw Housing Day and the rankings leading up to Housing Day, which inspired a number of Tip Box comments. Still, some continued to unknowingly use the tool as a search engine and others tried to search only to realize seconds later the error of their ways (see March 28.) All in all, we saw a good balance of innocent searches, Flyby-directed comments, and useful, if not strange, animal-related tips. Below, a selection.

March 5: z

March 5: abc

March 5: drew faust love child

March 6: you want something to put in you "tipbox" column? How about FUCK YOU? -love, the quad

March 7: post ze kirkland house review!!!! do it nowww

March 14: no more articles about pants. makes no sense. not news

March 17: please could you post some pictures of SNAKES

March 22: manners

March 27: tip

March 28 (3:42 p.m.): liquor

March 28 (3:42 p.m.): ah fuck.

March 30: Luck of the Irish

April 4: Check out that huge clam, and dozens of amazing never before displayed shells, newly on display at Harvard Museum of Natural History!  It's even free to Harvard ID holders and a friend!

April 12: 1