Froyo Throwdown: A Case for Lizzy’s

A Scoop of Lizzy's Frozen Yogurt
John C. Lo

Think this raspberry chocolate chip frozen yogurt looks conspicuously like raspberry chocolate chip ice cream? At Lizzy's, that's the point.

In a series of reviews, members of The Crimson's summer staff are making a case for the best froyo in the Square. We've already reviewed PinkberryBen and Jerry's, and Yogurtland. Now up: Lizzy's.

Talk of liberty and freedom in the context of frozen yogurt digresses from perhaps the most important question in lactose-consuming circles: Is it wrong for froyo to look and taste like ice cream? At Lizzy's, the answer is a resounding no.

Nowadays, most frozen yogurt chains are rolling out new flavors, new toppings, and new forms of service that overcompensate in their efforts to distinguish themselves from ice cream. "We're unique! Experimental! Different from anything that's come before!” their new product advertisements seem to scream.

If Yogurtland and Pinkberry are easily distracted, prepubescent pimpled boys, Lizzy's is the refined man with the Macklemore haircut who knows what he wants. At Lizzy's, there’s no shame in raspberry chocolate chip frozen yogurt tasting and looking like raspberry chocolate chip ice cream. Take one bite of Lizzy's firm frozen yogurt, and you'll forever regret those runny cups of mainstream froyo brimming with unfortunate combinations of toppings.

What Lizzy's does with taste it also does with atmosphere. Lizzy's, located at 29 Church St., is all about the traditional ice cream shop experience. With seven frozen yogurt flavors and an attentive staff at your service, Lizzy’s offers refinement where other froyo vendors offer chaos. At Lizzy's, there is no annoyance from loud children overfilling their self-serve containers, no dissatisfaction from foolishly mixing orange and cucumber flavors, no shock from realizing there are no strawberry toppings that day.

Lizzy's understands that the supposed innovations of upstart froyo chains are vain attempts to craft a unique identity. Lizzy's understands that it is futile to deny the long-established ascendancy of ice cream, which has been and always will be the apex of human achievement. Lizzy's understands that to be delicious, froyo must embrace its roots.

Go to Lizzy's, and you will understand too.