The Official Hurricane Sandy Playlist

The Triumph of Death
Wikimedia Commons

Natural disaster is upon us, and with no class, take advantage of the catastrophe by catching up on work (or not) and relaxing to The Crimson's official Hurricane Sandy playlist.

Led Zeppelin—When The Levee Breaks

This thunderous Zep cover of an old Delta blues song should remind River House dwellers to be glad that the Charles is smaller, and less flood-prone, than the Mississippi.

Billie Holiday—Stormy Weather

Midterm to finish? Don't worry about it. This rainy-day classic, here performed by the great Lady Day, should lull you into the mood for a nap.

Wagner—Das Rheingold, Scene 4

From the final scene of "Das Rheingold," this selection depicts the god Donner calling the storm clouds, i.e., what you will see if you look out your window right now.

The Beatles—Rain

This trippy, middle-period Beatles b-side should remind you to chill out and stop complaining about how you can't go anywhere.

The Allman Brothers Band—Stormy Monday (Live)

This live cover, complete with an exquisite Duane Allman guitar solo, nails the day of the week as well as the atmosphere.

Red Hot Chili Peppers—Naked In the Rain

While frolicking in the rain with animals might not be the best idea in winds over 40 miles per hour, this funky deep cut off the Chili Peppers' finest album ("Blood Sugar Sex Magik") almost makes you feel like it would be.

Muddy Waters—Blow Wind Blow

More than any other genre of music, Delta blues has the hurricane on lockdown as subject matter, and this rollicking entry from the great Muddy Waters represents the tradition well.