The Last Stretch

There inevitably comes a point in studying where you become absolutely sick of every song in your iTunes library and can no longer stand the commercials about One Direction that keep popping up every Pandora playlist. For those dark moments, Flyby has a list of songs to keep you going through the last stretch of finals period.

1. "Cycling Trivialities" by José González

This mellow song, spanning nine minutes and 20 seconds, will most certainly calm you down about your finals. So what if that three hour physics exam counts for half of the grade? Just spend a few minutes listening to the same guitar progression as José asks you "who cares a hundred years from now?" Guaranteed to auditorily soothe.

2. "Peace Train" by Cat Stevens

No matter how much studying there is to do, this song make it all better by prompting everyone to "join the peace train."

3. "Bulletproof" by La Roux

So what if you bombed that last paper and your TF's comments made you tear up a little? La Roux will help you be "bulletproof" so that you can live to see New Year's Eve.

4. "Float On" by Modest Mouse

The ultimate YOLO song since before Drake was even a thing. If Isaac Brock can get away with all of that and still "float" along, you can make it through your all-nighter.

5. "The Distance" by Cake