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YardFest. A hopefully clear sky looks down on a mingling of sweat, mud, and sound. Harvard Yard contains a stage surrounded by everyone from freshmen to seniors. Above, first-years perch precariously on the windowsills of Matthews and Weld, cheering as the performers finish each song. Kind of. Anyway, in just two days students will crowd into the Yard to hear The Nostalgics, Das Racist, 3LAU, and The Cataracts on stage. But until then, here are 10 pump-up songs to get you ready.

10. 2Nite—The Cataracs featuring DEV. This song from our headliner is lesser known, but it has a great beat and varying parts to keep you interested.

9. The Nostalgics—Just to be clear, these guys are awesome. The video's only at number nine because it doesn't have a ton of their music—it's more of an interview. But expect great things from them.

8. Rainbow in the Dark—Das Racist. Great song for dancing. Also, the beginning of the video is pretty cool.

7. Driving Me Crazy—Sam Adams. 2011 Throwback. Last year, we danced our hearts out to this song. Get out in the Yard and relive some memories.

6. Top of the World (featuring DEV)—The Cataracs. This song has a great beat and will be epic for dancing.

5. All You (featuring Waka Flocka & Kaskade)—The Cataracs. The video makes it sounds a little quiet, but just imagine it being blasted through speakers all through our Yard.

4. Power—Das Racist. This is more of a chill song, but part of it has a great beat. Fun fact—listen for the word "cataracts" at 2:32. Weird coincidence. Just try not to listen to anything else being said.

3. All Night Long—3LAU. Yeah, one could listen to this all night long.

2. Synthesizer—The Cataracs. Imagine the bass going wild when they play it in Harvard Yard. Get excited.

1. Bass Down Low—DEV featuring the Cataracs. Listen to it. Love it. Get ready to dance to it.