3/2 - 3/30: Disturbing, Unsolicited Serenaders

HUPD has their hands full with us Harvard students over the past few weeks. As part of our Securitas Series, we've combed through recent HUPD logs and published some of the more colorful entries below.


9/20 – 10/8: Suspicious School Assignment

The school year is back in full swing, and the HUPD has been equally active. These past three weeks have ...


2/17- 3/6: Stolen Cookies

The past three weeks have seen an explosion in theft, particularly of Apple products. Though reports fielded by the HUPD ...


2/1 - 2/16: Intercourse in the Bathroom

These past few weeks saw a number of incidents surrounding bathrooms and loitering, and even a few cases involving loitering ...


1/6 - 1/22: Loitering in the Restroom

January saw HUPD getting the usual bizarre dispatches, though it's been a quiet month overall. Theft and suspicious activity are ...


11/11 - 12/1: 'Call it a Night'

The mass exodus from campus over Thanksgiving gave HUPD a welcome respite, save for the verbal altercations that punctuated the ...


10/21 – 11/10: Running Naked

As Occupy Harvard came to the Yard, the number of demonstrations skyrocketed and the number of loud parties and noise ...


Sept. 23 – Oct. 6: Tourists Reading a Map

Harvard students have been graced with sun and serene days over the past two weeks—unless, like some unlucky few, you ...


Sept. 8 - Sept. 22: Stolen Meteorites

These two weeks have seen HUPD fielding reports both mundane and absurd. As part of our Securitas series, we’ve combed ...


July 1 - August 8: 'I'm Having a Bad Day'

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The past five weeks at Harvard have seen 78 thefts, flooded dorms, and smoking mulch. Through it all, HUPD has ...


Missing Kittens

Over the past month, HUPD has stayed busy protecting campus from heat-born acts of crime. A frustrated laundry-doer, dangerous dumpster ...


April 11 – May 5: Banjo on the Balcony


As the year has come to a close, HUPD has stayed busy with theft, reports of suspicious activity, and noise ...


March 29 - April 9: Beer Cans in Annenberg


Over the past few weeks, HUPD has stayed busy with reports of suspicious activity, vandalism, and individuals throwing fruit. As ...


March 3 - March 24: Throwing Oranges


Although many students left campus for Spring Break, HUPD stayed busy throughout March. As part of our Securitas series, we've ...


Feb. 14 - March 3: The Reaction Was Caused by Dust


Although “suspicious activity,” computer theft, and “loud part[ies]” persist, HUPD hasn’t been particularly busy over the past few weeks. As ...


Jan. 31 - Feb. 13: Throwing Snowballs

Campus has been relatively quiet over the past two weeks. Apart from a fairly high frequency of reports of “suspicious ...

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