11/11 - 12/1: 'Call it a Night'

Crimson file photo

The mass exodus from campus over Thanksgiving gave HUPD a welcome respite, save for the verbal altercations that punctuated the break. As part of our Securitas Series, we've combed through recent HUPD logs and published some of the more colorful entries below.


Loud parties: 2

Reports of "suspicious activity": 38

Reports of "unwanted guest[s]": 8

Reports of vandalism: 10

Total value of stolen CDs: $4,500

Total value of stolen Apple products: $4,968

Nov. 11, 2011

Assist Cambridge Police (9:47 p.m.)

Kiosk, 1400 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge

Officers notified that an individual had exposed themselves in the area and that another individual punched the individual in the face. The individual who had exposed themselves was stopped by the officers. CPD arrived and handled the remainder of the incident.

Nov. 13, 2011

Suspicious Activity (9:34 a.m.)