10/18 - 11/8: Falling Asleep on the Toilet

Crimson file photo

Violent crime has waned over the past three weeks, but there has been a troubling increase in the number of unwanted guests reported in the Cambridge area. Although violence is declining, theft is on the rise. The total value of stolen Apple products has doubled compared to the past few months, so be sure to keep your new iPhone 5 secured. As part of our Securitas Series, we've combed through recent HUPD logs and published some of the more colorful entries below.


Total value of stolen Apple products: $7,714

Total value of stolen bicycles: $4,135

Total value of stolen bicycle locks: $325

Total value of stolen cleaning solution: $5

Suspicious letters: 4

Suspicious individuals: 11

Suspicious individuals following other individuals: 2

Unwanted guests: 29

Loud parties: 14

Strange smells: 3

Oct. 22, 2012

Suspicious Activity (9:19 a.m.)