2/17- 3/6: Stolen Cookies

Crimson file photo

The past three weeks have seen an explosion in theft, particularly of Apple products. Though reports fielded by the HUPD often skew towards the absurd, recent logs have also shown a troubling rise in physical violence committed on campus. As part of our Securitas Series, we've combed through recent HUPD logs and published some of the more colorful entries below.


Unwanted guests: 12

Total value of stolen Apple products: $15,300

Total value of stolen bicycles: $1,600

Total value of stolen duffel bags: $600

Total value of stolen cookies: $5

Harassment reports: 6

Reports to Cabot: 7

Reports to Lowell: 3

Reports to Mather: 3

Reports to the other Houses combined: 6

Feb. 19, 2012

Suspicious Activity (12:27 a.m.)