Maria Y. Xia

Probing Senior Minds Day 4

This week, we asked graduating seniors to answer four different questions about their Harvard experiences: we've asked about their regrets, memories, and most scandalous moments. Here's our fourth and final installment of their reflections.

What have you learned at Harvard, or what about Harvard has taught you the most?

I've learned how to ask for extensions.

Franklin E. Cohen '10

I've learned that you can get an A in a class without doing a single reading the whole semester.


Student organizations. Also classes, obviously. But I feel like I've gained longstanding life skills in clubs and organizations.

Megan M. Roberts '10

Dealing with socially awkward people.


I learned the most from writing my thesis.

Yakov Berenshteyn '10

What taught me the most was the finals clubsspecifically the Delphic. And Helen Mirra.