Rank Your House in Flyby's Poll

Ravi P. Ramchandani

Since 2009, Flyby has ranked the Houses from one to 12 in anticipation of Housing Day. This year, for the first time ever, student input will determine the rankings for Flyby's 2012 Housing Market series.

In the past, the rankings have been determined internally within The Crimson. 2009 saw Adams and Quincy tied in first place. In 2010, Eliot made an exciting leap from sixth place to first place. And in 2011, Adams was yet again number one, with Lowell coming in at second.

Follow this link to help determine the results of this year's rankings. The poll closes on March 1 at 5 p.m., so fill it out soon! And remember: when filling out the poll, take care to assign only one House to each number ranking. After all, only one House can come in first!

Over the next week, we will release the results of the survey in reverse rank order. The top House will be revealed on the evening of March 7. For now, fill out the poll, and let the fun begin!