The Men's Final Clubs

The Men's Final Clubs at Harvard
Bora Fezga and Sharon Kim

UPDATED: Oct. 6, 2010, 2:09 a.m. Porcellian photo added.

In light of the recent release of “The Social Network” and the fact that we’re now in the middle of second round punch events, Harvard’s final club scene is bound to be on the minds of many sophomores and juniors. In order to shed some light on what can otherwise be a mysterious process, we decided to put together this series related to all things “punch.” Check back each day this week for new material on the subject.

A.D. Club

Address: 1 Plympton St.

Date founded: 1836

Brief history: Originally a branch of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, it surrendered its charter in 1865. Although the club has occupied its current location since 1900, the City of Cambridge momentarily took possession of the club in March 2008, after it failed to pay over $41,000 in taxes.

Famous alumni: Benjamin C. Bradlee '43-'44

Delphic Club

Address: 9 Linden St.

Date founded: 1848

Brief history: When J.P. Morgan, Jr., class of 1889, didn’t get into his club of choice, he, according to The Crimson, financed the creation of his own clubthe Delphicout of an existing frat, Delta Phi. Apparently, after its creation, there were only a few members, so the club would burn gas lights at all hours to show the world that yes, they were home. As a result, the club earned the nickname of “the Gas.”

Fly Club