Drunk Football Players, A New Fire Station, and JFK's Assassination

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1946 Crimson

Every week, The Crimson publishes a selection of articles that were printed in our pages in years past.

November 19, 1925: Agent and Police Wet-Blanket Football Theatre Party—"Too Drunk to Talk to" Is Charge of Tremont Official

The University football squad, for whose entertainment an evening at the Tremont theatre had been planned, yesterday failed to witness "The Cocoanuts" because of the cupidity of an officious police officer and the unreasonable temper of the Tremont theatre's business manager.

Six taxis were engaged by the management to convey the players to the theatre. Upon alighting, the members of the party entered the lobby in a manner that was described by Manager S. de J. Osborne '26 as "not noisy, but quietly keyed up."

November 19, 1931: New Fire Station Will Be Built In Colonial Style

The new Cambridge fire station, to be erected on the plot of land between Memorial Hall and the Yard, will be of Colonial Georgian architecture, to conform with the Harvard buildings, according to information received yesterday. A preliminary appropriation has been made by the city council, and an architect will be appointed shortly, Mayor R. M. Russell '14 also stated. Work on the demolition of the Rogers Building, which now occupies this land, will begin as soon as plans are completed and construction of the station will be started during the present academic year.

The plot of land which will be the site of the new station was in the possession of the University until a few years ago when it was exchanged with the city of Cambridge for other land that was considered to be of more value in the expansion of the college. This was the first time in the history of the University that a piece of land had been allowed to fall into the hands of an outsider.