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Every Friday, The Crimson publishes a selection of articles from days and years past.

Jan. 31, 1953: College Considers Tuition Hike of 100 to 200 Dollars

Tuition rates may jump to an all-time high of $700 to $800 a year, the CRIMSON learned yesterday. The Administration is considering a move to hike students' bills by $200 sometime in the near future.

"The proposal has not yet reached the Corporation and no official action has been taken," Edward Reynolds '15, administrative vice-president, said last night.

President Conant first hinted at the possibility of the rise in his report when he pointed to a 50 percent increase in the University's expenditures during the past 12 years.

Jan. 28, 1970: It's Open...But Does It Mather?

With construction workers still noisily at work, Mather House—Harvard's tenth House—officially opened yesterday.

About 85 Mather men moved into the low-rise section of the $8 million complex yesterday, making exhausting treks through snow, mud, and debris to cart their belongings.

There is still a lot of work to be done in the low-rise section; the dining hall, library, common rooms, Master's residence, and House offices will not be completed until the beginning of March. The 20-story tower, which will accommodate an additional 146 men, should be completed by September.

Feb. 2, 1978: State Claims Sacco-Vanzetti Documents

A Massachusetts official said yesterday the state may take Harvard to court if the University does not recognize the state's claim to ownership of almost half the "Sacco-Vanzetti file" of documents released to the public yesterday.

John J. McGlynn, state supervisor of public records, said many of the documents found among the papers of former President A. Lawrence Lowell, Class of 1877, are "part of the public record" of the trial and conviction of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, two self-proclaimed anarchists executed for murder in 1927.

Lowell chaired a commission that investigated the case and upheld the convictions.

Compiled by Nikita Kansra, Hana N. Rouse, and Julie M. Zauzmer