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Every week, The Crimson publishes a selection of articles that were printed in our pages in years past.

February 14, 1919: Down To Earth.

In the February issue of the "Bookman" is published an article entitled "Detestable Words." This gives a few examples of words which the editor despises. According to the "Bookman," "sense" appears as a verb in every form from the "father sensed his son's abstraction" to the "peeling infant sensed the coming of the succulent milk-bottle." "Poignant" is on the blacklist because of its downright stupidity, "stipend" because of its oily politician sound. "Remuneration" is a foolishly long latinized word, and "dainty" and "refined" are classed as belonging to the "chewing gum" variety.

To this admirable list perhaps we can add a few others which it has been our own misfortune to observe. On one tragic occasion, we accepted an editorial which mentioned something as one of the most "enjoyable" features of college life. Another time we solemnly declared that the University "rejoices in the fact," etc. We defy the ability of anyone to picture in his mind the University rejoicing. Once again, read of a man over-come by a "virulent obsession"--whatever that may mean.

February 11, 1950: Editor Calls UWF Plan World Hope

"We must preserve the human race at all costs," said Craig Wylie '80 last night in stressing the need for a world government to prevent otherwise certain destruction of humanity.

Before more than 100 United World Federalist student delegates in Sever Hall, the Houghton Mifflin editor cited the duty of World Federalists to work toward an international government eventually including every nation. The first step for such a government is the control of armament. Civil legislation will come gradually later.

February 15, 1950: Over 800 Students Plan Journeys Abroad Via NSA Summer Program

More than 800 students will go abroad this summer on National Student Association tours. Final plans for these trips have been made and deadlines for applications set for March 8.

Sailings for the Study, Seminar, and Workcamp Tours are scheduled for June 26 on the S.S. Volendam, leaving from Quebec and bound for Rotterdam. The groups will be back in New York September 15. Some students will fly across the ocean in charter planes operated by regularly scheduled airlines.

February 16, 1962: College Organizations Recommend Sit-In Demonstrations in Maryland

The Boston Co-ordinating Committee of the Northern Student Movement is urging students of Harvard, Radcliffe, and other colleges in the Boston vicinity to participate in sit-in demonstrations to be conducted in Maryland next week-end.

At Harvard, the Young Democrats, the Liberal Union, the Congregational-presbyterian Fellowship and the Republican Advance for Equal Opportunity have endorsed the project and anticipate participation by their members.

At a special meeting held last night, the YDCHR passed a resolution of support for the sit-ins but urged that no picketing be included, nor placards carried. A spokesman for the organization noted that it was hoped that the demonstrations would be as peaceful and orderly as possible. Picketing, he said, could conceivably threaten such orderliness.