An Introduction

Flyby Blog

In this new series, columnist Lingbo Li will tackle all your questions about foodie life at Harvard and in the Cambridge/Boston area.

Where's cheap sushi that doesn't suck? Where should I take a raw food vegan on a date? Where can I buy cakes with frosting phalluses on them?

I'll do my best to answer all your dining questions in a new weekly column called Whine and Dine, crafted specially for the whims of you hungry Harvard students. I'll even throw in transportation tips on getting out of the Square and the best options for those planning on running to a review session in the Yard afterwards. Whether it's a late night coffee shop or maybe a red velvet cupcake you're hankering for, ask away. After all, you don't want to be That Guy who took your foodie girlfriend to Bertucci's for your one-year anniversary. Unless there's a good reason. (But seriously, don't do it.)

Who am I? I'm a food columnist for the Crimson's FM magazine, a food blogger, president of the Harvard College Culinary Society, and general epicure well-versed in all things edible in Boston. And if I don't know it, I'll know someone who does. So suffer through crappy unagi and cooked animal foods no more. (And try Sweet & Nasty for all your erotic cake needs.)

E-mail your questions to and I'll reply in the next column, space and appriopiateness considering. If you're asking for a recommendation, be sure to include details like cuisine preferences, budget, willingness to travel, and occasion.