A Mini Horse Cross-Dresses and Other Great Time Wasters

Courtesy of YouTube

In this series, Crimson arts writer Brian A. Feldman '13 will describe to you, the reader, some videos he saw on the internet.

Last Friday, Feb. 10 was the one-year anniversary of the day Rebecca Black's "Friday" was uploaded to YouTube. Do you guys remember "Friday"? That was a weird situation. Because I didn't find it particularly funny, and it didn't seem like anyone else did either, but nobody wanted to be that guy to point it out, so everyone kept listening to it ironically and whenever it came on at a party it seemed like people were feigning amusement at a joke that should have lasted, at most, about a week. And then she was at the Grammys on Sunday! Hahaha, Rebecca Black, joke's on you! Punk'd!

Anyway, there's been some ups and downs this week, and it was only Wednesday when I wrote this—if you can believe it. So let's just jump in.

A Flawless Tribute to Whitney Houston on the Subway

There's no denying that Whitney Houston was very good at singing and very good at pretending to love Kevin Costner in a movie. We'll miss your gift, Whitney.

Another Flawless Tribute to Whitney Houston From a Synchronized Fountain in Dubai

Come on. Do I really need to explain this one?