Please Watch These Internet Videos or Come and Discuss 'Downton Abbey'

Courtesy of ITV and Courtesy of Vimeo

Whoa. I can't believe it's been a whole week since the last time I shared some videos with you. It's been a pretty busy week.

Did you see the season finale of "Downton Abbey"? That show is so great. Bates is obviously the best character because of how he is the nicest, most awesome dude. I also like Carson, because he does not take any guff from anyone. And Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess is great; just a total one-liner-dispensing ice queen. Plus, the whole Matthew Crawley and Lady Mary thing? Mazel tov to those two. So proud of them. I feel so many feelings for them right now.

Anyhow, while I continue to remind myself to be more like Bates in every way, you should check out these videos I've culled together from the farthest reaches of cyberspace.

One Hundred Ridiculous Nic Cage Quotes

It's pretty easy to criticize Nic Cage for a lot of things: his hair, his inability to turn down a role, the fact that he straight up named his son Kal-El. But I also like this quote from Roger Ebert that best explains why I find the Cage Rage so endearing. Says Ebert, "However improbable his character, he never winks at the audience. He is committed to the character with every atom and plays him as if he were him." This is true. Nic Cage plays some crazy people and he always cranks it up to 11. I respect his commitment.

A Linsane Homemade Basketball Highlight Reel