Some Videos And Also The 'Yell At The Crimson' Housing Day Open Thread

Courtesy of YouTube

Wooohhhoooo! Housing Day! Wooohhhoooo!!! May all your housing dreams come true!!! Between the Housing Day videos that everyone made and this list of videos, you guys are getting approximately twice as many videos as you normally would.

Let's watch some videos! And then comment! Did you agree with the housing rankings? I dunno. Maybe you didn't! Feel free to voice your dissent.

A Person Goes Skiing in The Middle of The City

It was 61 degrees on Wednesday, so it seems like we're finally hitting the tail end of winter just in time for spring break. For the most part, that's great, but it's also a slight bummer since we won't get to do any urban skiing.

A Robot Runs at Speeds of Up to 18 MPH

I just think this one is cool on a strictly technological level. If you can look past the fact that the robot, Cheetah, doesn't really look like its namesake, you're in for a nice preview of what will happen once Skynet becomes self-aware.

Tiny Goats, Wearing Sweaters and Jumping Around

If the above description doesn't hold your interest, I'm not really sure there is anything else I can say to convince you to watch it. If you can spare 26 seconds, however, I think that it's well worth your time.

A Montage of News Anchors Saying Potentially Inappropriate Things

"This is not funny at all," everybody said out loud while watching this video. Though, on the inside, they were secretly laughing to themselves.

A Baby Monkey And a Kitten Have a Fight

It's tough to say who won this fight. Honestly, I would argue that we, the audience, are the real winners. It's not entirely clear what side the dog is on, or even what the kitten and monkey are fighting about. Maybe the monkey took away hot breakfast.

Magic Prank Goes Not-So-Horribly Wrong

In order to pull off the kind of maneuver seen in this video, one would have to have a pretty good understanding of fluid dynamics and weight distribution. Or be very good at taking risks. Either one works, really. Everyone should have their moment in the sun, so congrats to this guy.

Classic Movies Subtitled For Bros

The "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" translation is particularly well-done, but on a totally subjective and personal level, I did laugh very hard at the translation of the most classic line in "Chinatown." What a great film.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson '80 Provides an Astounding Scientific Fact

The week before break is always a bummer because of midterms and papers and a general rush to cram as much learning as possible into the final few days before vacation. Luckily, Neil DeGrasse Tyson shows up just in time to straight-up blow your mind with science.

Okay, that's all I got. See you after spring break!