A Little Levity

Undergraduate Council

A Literary Analysis of Yaz and Cam's "Re: Back at it"

Through its immeasurable range of rhetorical chutzpah, “Re: Back at it” sends readers on an electrifying odyssey through the brilliant literary minds behind Harvard’s student government.

Lamont Outside Night
Fifteen Most Interesting

FM Imagines: Least Interesting Seniors

Mark P. Gross '17 can't decide if he likes Coke or Pepsi better.

In Quincy's Basement

FM Imagines: Hillary and Trump as Section Kids

This section always went to hell every four years.

Food and Drink

Drinky Drink: SpoOOoky Edition

Here are a few of FM’s favorite recipes to make your spOooOOky party unforgettable.​


Harvard's Trademarks: Revealed

In the U.S. Patent and Trademark Database, you can find all sorts of trademarks held by various institutions. Although our knowledge of anything law-related comes from “Law and Order” reruns, we perused the database nonetheless, looking for the most interesting trademarks held by the President and Fellows of Harvard College.

Ballot Box
Undergraduate Council

FM Imagines: The Presidential Candidates Run for UC

FM imagines what the UC campaigns would look like if the current presidential candidates were on the ballot.

Curious George Store Closing
Harvard Square

Hate It: The World's Only Curious George Store

Settled snugly in the acute angle created by the bifurcation of Mass. Ave into Brattle and JFK, the building is a charming combination of marble foundation and red-brick upper levels. Its least attractive feature is without a doubt its first-floor tenant: the self-styled “The World’s Only Curious George Store.”

Curious George Store Closing
Harvard Square

Love It: The World's Only Curious George Store

Wedged triangularly at the intersection of JFK and Brattle, The Curious George Store boasts that it is the world’s only store of its kind. That is a shame. We need more Curious George Stores in this world.

Wisdom in the Seminar Room

A Year in Quotes from the Humanities

Another year passes, and another series of bizarre, contradictory, yet oddly poignant speech acts have been enunciated by our faculty members and section kids.


Jukebox: Songs for the Revolution

Listen to these tunes while you read this week’s scrutiny. John Reed would approve.


Venn Diagram: Mumps and My Humps

They really change the vibe of a party.

Tasty Burger

Ben & Andrew Go To Tasty Burger

The “restaurant” had white cups and sweaty bodies everywhere. People eating bad food like they didn’t care. Everything I hated in a single scene. But in that moment, I also felt weakness.

Computer Science

Fake Harvard Apps

FM is hard at work thinking up some new apps that would help us with the real Harvard struggles.

Lifeless Plants

Epistolary Etiquette: How to Tell Your Roommate His Plant Is Dead

Your plant is dead. Clean up after yourself.

MRI of Brain

MRI of Brain