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Computer Science

Fake Harvard Apps

FM is hard at work thinking up some new apps that would help us with the real Harvard struggles.

Lifeless Plants

Epistolary Etiquette: How to Tell Your Roommate His Plant Is Dead

Your plant is dead. Clean up after yourself.

MRI of Brain

MRI of Brain

MRI of Brain

Real or Imagined?: Psych Studies

Can you tell the difference between real and imagined psychology studies?


Madlib: How to Make Your Staycation Seem Like a Vacation

So you bummed around your childhood home all winter break? Here's how to make your time away from Harvard sound a bit more productive.


FM Imagines: Breaking: New Gen Ed Categories Announced!

​Faculty opinions have made it clear that our current Gen Ed system is in radical need of improvement to meet students’ intellectual needs in our complex, changing world. As per request, we have pared students’ non-concentration requirements down to only four Gen Ed varieties, often combining old categories that are similar enough if we don’t overthink it; plus, an expository writing course and the study of a foreign language. ​


Gen Ed v. Sex Ed

Gen Ed v. Sex Ed


15 Things FM Taught Us This Year

This year, we learned some things that you should know.


Venn Diagram: Meal vs. Eel

What do getting meals and getting an eel have in common?


Choose Your Own Dinner With Grandma

Choose your own adventure with a Thanksgiving twist. Where will yours lead?


Art of the Cornucopia

This year you’ve decided to invest in the greatest of all Turkey Day traditions, the cornucopia. Only one question remains. What are you gonna stuff in it?

On Campus

A Party In Pusey

Intense bass frequencies shake the stacks. The pungent smell of beer-soaked parchment permeates the air. This is a party in Pusey Library, and the party is pumping. In light of the current social drought on Harvard’s campus, everyone’s favorite student organization, the Undergraduate Council, has entertained a number of possible referenda, one of which includes turning an actual library into a “freshman-oriented” social space. This week, FM is imagining turning up (and turning the pages) in Pusey.


Madlib: How to Decline a Letter of Recommendation

I hope you _____ [are doing well/know I don’t really care about how you’re doing]. I have received your request asking for a letter of recommendation for _____ [medical school/Goldman Sachs/moving back in with your parents]


Venn Diagram: Organs vs. Organs

(Biological) Organs Literally evoke a visceral reaction Housed in small spaces Squishy Keep your ears functioning Have a lot of tissues


HUDS Comment Cards

We complain to anyone that will listen—our lab partners, our roommates, the random man you pass on the way back from lunch—but some students overcome their laziness and actually fill out HUDS comment cards with requests.

Special Teams

In Photos: The Game

Crimson-UC Crossfire Debate

The Back of the UC Ballot

Helicopter over Harvard

In Photos: Bomb Threat Shakes the Yard


A.D. Club ‘Strongly’ Opposes Membership Changes