Math Common Room

'A Sort of Everyday Struggle'

Women in Harvard's math department report a bevy of inequalities—from a discouraging absence of female faculty to a culture of "math bro" condescension.


Steel Magnate Renames South Asia Institute with $25 Million Donation

Steel magnate Lakshmi N. Mittal and his family donated $25 million to establish an endowment at Harvard’s South Asia Institute, retitling the institute in his namesake.

Sunil Amrith

South Asian Studies Professor Receives ‘Genius’ Grant

Sunil Amrith said he was shocked to receive a phone call notifying him that he had won the grant, as he had no idea he had even been nominated.

Professor James H. Waldo

Hey Professor: Jim H. Waldo

FM sat down with Computer Science Professor James “Jim” H. Waldo to discuss privacy and technology in society today.

Brett Flehinger

Honor Council Increases Student Outreach, Meets With Athletic Teams

The College’s Honor Council is increasing its outreach to students this semester as part of a broader push to grow the body’s influence on campus.

Economics 10 textbook

After Criticism, Mankiw to Donate Textbook Royalties to Charity

In the Economics 10 syllabus, Mankiw wrote that he would now “donate to charity all royalties earned from Ec 10 students’ purchase of these materials.”

First Day of CS50

As Gen Ed Transitions, Unexpected Courses Fulfill Requirements

This change in the categorization of some classes is the byproduct of a transition to a new General Education system set to take full effect in the fall of 2018.

Course Enrollment Fall 2017

Course Enrollment Fall 2017

Course Enrollment Fall 2017

Ec10, CS50 Once Again Top Course Enrollment

Keeping in line with last fall’s enrollment numbers, Economics 10 edged out Computer Science 50 as the College's most sought-after class.

Barker Center

History and Literature Increases Ethnic Studies Offerings

​This semester, students concentrating in History and Literature can take a course on fashion and slavery—and receive credit toward the concentration’s newly-created Ethnic Studies track.

CS50 Lecture

CS50 Updates Course Policies, Asks Students To Go To Class

Students shopping one of Harvard’s most popular undergraduate courses will arrive in Sanders Theater tomorrow to a changed CS50.

my.Harvard courses

The Most Savage Q-Guide Comments of 2017

They wrote, we annotated: the most savage Q-Guide comments of 2017.


Some Accused of Cheating in CS50 Sought Legal Counsel

One lawyer said Harvard is unlikely to face lawsuits from students accused of cheating in CS50 because the cases are “awfully hard” to prosecute.

The Class of 2017, By the Numbers

The Graduating Class of 2017, By the Numbers

This week, the Harvard College Class of 2017 will enter a world still divided over November’s presidential election and, overwhelmingly, begin their post-graduate lives deeply pessimistic about the direction the country is headed.

Postdocs Graphic
Sciences Division

Postdocs Graphic