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Dean Fitzsimmons

Record 42,742 Apply to Harvard College

Harvard College received a record-breaking 42,742 applications for admission to the Class of 2022—setting a record for the fourth consecutive year.

Admissions Office

Experts Connect DOJ Probe to Harvard Admissions Lawsuit

​The Department of Justice investigation into Harvard’s race-based admissions policies was likely prompted by ongoing civil litigation over allegations of discrimination against Asian-American applicants, according to several legal experts.


Disbelief and Ecstasy Greet Admitted Students

​Catherine Wang, a senior at Lexington High School in Lexington, Mass., wasn’t expecting much to happen on March 30.

Dean Fitzsimmons Discusses Class of 2019 Regular Admissions

Harvard Admissions Officers Rarely Consider Applicants’ Social Media

Harvard admissions officers rarely consider the social media pages of applicants during its review process, according to Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid William R. Fitzsimmons ’67.


Students File Brief Defending Harvard’s Affirmative Action Policies

A group of current and prospective Harvard College students have filed an amicus brief in support of Harvard’s race-conscious affirmative action policies in an ongoing lawsuit between Harvard and anti-affirmative action group Students for Fair Admissions.

Harvard College Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

Harvard Files Motion to Dismiss Admissions Lawsuit

Harvard motioned Friday to dismiss an ongoing lawsuit alleging race-based discrimination in its admissions processes, arguing that the plaintiffs in the case—anti-affirmative action group Students for Fair Admissions—lack grounds to litigate on behalf of its members.

Harvard College Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

Harvard College Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

The Harvard College Office of Admissions and Financial Aid located at 86 Brattle Street.

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College Administration

Investigating Harvard Admissions: The 1990 Education Department Inquiry

​As a lawsuit alleging discrimination in Harvard’s admissions practices remains delayed—awaiting a Supreme Court decision on the related affirmative action case Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin—the College’s use of race as a factor in admissions decisions has once again come under scrutiny.

Taking Care Of Business
Harvard in the City

Square Businesses Gear Up for Visitas

​As students prepare to welcome the Class of 2020 on campus for Visitas, Harvard’s weekend for its admitted students, local businesses are likewise gearing up for their arrival.

“Free Harvard, Fair Harvard” Debate
Central Administration

Unz Defends 'Free Harvard, Fair Harvard' in Debate

Much like his campaign for Board of Overseers, Ron Unz’s debate debut was unconventional and almost did not happen.


Acceptance Letters Greeted With Screaming and Disbelief

When Michael J. Won read “Congratulations,” in big bold letters, he started shouting. When he told his mother, she started to cry.


Two Years Later, Griffin Gift Impacts Potential Donors

More than two years after Kenneth C. Griffin ’89’s record-breaking gift to Harvard in support of the College’s financial aid program, administrators said the gift has been impactful both for hundreds of undergraduates and potential donors.


Rethinking the New SAT

The College Board's changes to the SAT exam, posing potential disadvantages to students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, are concerning.

New SAT Infographic

Experts Put New SAT to the Test, Examining Changes and Implications

The new test comes during a time of national discussion on the accessibility, predictive ability, and consequent future of standardized testing in the college admissions process.


College Admissions Experts Describe Unease Over New SAT

The first administration of the revised SAT exam will take place this Saturday, and experts remain unsure as to whether students have been able to adequately prepare for the new test.